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Metallic Tattoos and Tattoo Jewellery

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Metallic Tattoos

The latest fashion accessories taking the globe by storm are metallic tattoos. Many refer to these as metallic jewellery as many of the tattoos are worn as jewellery because they come in the design of metallic necklaces and metallic bracelets.

They come in a range of metallic colours such as gold and silver but many tattoo sheets also contain black and turquoise designs as well as multi coloured jewellery tattoos.

Often called flash tattoos these are perfect to accessorise an outfit for a night out; they will suit elegant dress wear but are also perfect for those going clubbing.

Once the weather gets warmer or if you’re lucky enough to be going on holidays you’ll find these tattoos will look fabulous on the beach when wearing your bikinis and being waterproof and long lasting they will easily survive days of relaxing on the beach or maybe on a boat party.

Temporary tattoos have been popular for a long time as you aren’t committed to the same design for a lifetime but the metallic tattoos give a totally different look, glistening in the sun and in the lights and standing out like no other tattoo.

These are easy to apply, you simply cut out the tattoo that you want from the sheet, remove the protective clear sheeting from the front and apply it to dry, clean skin and wet all over with a damp cloth. After around 30 seconds you can gently remove the white backing paper and you'll have an eye catching tattoo that will easily stay on for 3 days plus. Just leave it for a few minutes to dry before allowing any clothing to come into contact with it.

We have a huge range of these already but are adding to them weekly. Check out our metallic tattoos and find the perfect addition for your look.

Designs range from bracelets, necklaces, butterflies, sugar skulls, flowers and many more. There are tattoos that will look beautiful across the bottom of your back, on your shoulder, on your abdomen, down your arm, leg or wherever your imagination allows.

They are removed using moisturiser, baby oil or even a little olive oil.

Stay on trend friends :-)

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